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Spirituality Pillar - connecting with what's right for you

Spirituality means so many different things to so many different people. For some it is the requirement to attend a physical church of a specific religion, for others it is the feeling you get catching a wave and you are fully in the moment aware of the beauty and energy that surrounds you. Within the context of our Wellness Pillars the Spiritual Pillar is about having meaning and purpose in your life. It's what gets you through the hard times.

One of the keys to having a strong Spiritual Pillar is having an understanding of your values. Just like last weeks Occupational Pillar - our Spiritual Pillar has our values at its core and knowing what is important in our lives.

Each of our spiritual connections will be different based on our experiences and beliefs. Despite being raised within the church I do not consider myself aligned to any particular religion. I know how much comfort I have knowing that there is a higher purpose and

I'm right where I need to be, to learn the lessons I need to learn to become the person I am meant to be.

That is my spiritual centre.

Another factor in strong spirituality is that our actions reflect our values. Each day we create and nurture the person we wish to become - we move closer to this version of ourselves - not further away.

Getting through hard times requires us to recognise that we are part of something bigger than just ourselves. We need to have empathy for those around us and balance this with our own needs. Often spirituality is lost when we focus on ourselves with destructive thoughts of "Why do they have that and not me?", "Why is this happening to me and not someone else?" "It's not fair!"

This weeks challenge

  • Spirituality is something that needs time spent on it. Discover what this means to you - is it attending a formal place of worship, is it meditation, is it being in nature, is it being part of a community? Make time doing this a priority.

  • Do something for someone else this week - just because. A random act of kindness

  • If you didn't manage it under the Occupational Pillar - take stock of what you value - write them down. Still not sure - try doing morning pages for a month - a creation from Julia Cameron which you can read more about here. Write three pages every morning (or at least when you can manage 15-20 minutes a day).

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