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Goal Setting

What I love about goal setting is that it is future focused while at the same time requiring us to be in the present. It allows us to dream big and align our actions with our values. Goal setting helps us create a life where we thrive and provides benefits for all those around us. It’s not a difficult skill to acquire and once you have it, you have the framework to create a life you actively participate and thrive in.

A VW like this would be pure joy in my future - but what does success look like to you?

There are different types of goal setting - some specific, some less structured and “putting out to the universe”. The latter shouldn’t be scoffed at - there is definitely power in writing down your dreams - I’ve experienced this on numerous occasions and for me this is the main way I seek to grow. As a lover of science I’m yet to find any research that tells me why it works - but it does - One January I set a goal to earn significantly more than I currently was. My husband even said “that would be awesome” as he read what I wrote down - eight months later I had increased my income by over 50%. For others though a more structured framework may be preferred.

This is the perfect time to remind you that with everything you do, make sure it’s right for you. We are all different in so many ways so don’t just follow what others tell you - mish, mash and mix what you learn from others and turn this into something that’s all you. Being authentic is key.

Goal setting is all about growing and the coaching GROW model is a perfect acronym.

It stands for Goal, Reality, Options, Will. Let’s break this down

GOAL - Your desired outcome - your being the key word here!

REALITY - Identify where you are now and what resources you are going to need to get to your desired outcome.

OPTIONS - How can you reach your goal. You’ll have an idea - but this is about exploring the options and sometimes uncovering some wonderful alternatives to what you thought you would have to do.

WILL - What’s your commitment to the action plan and ultimately achieving your goal. Knowing your why will help you through the tough times - and there will be tough times - its life!!

Do you find that you don’t seem to have the stickability to achieve the goals you have previously set. Or you nail some and others elude you? I can almost guarantee that there are a couple of things missing when that goal eludes you.

It is so important to be super clear on what you are aiming for. You need to know what it is and more importantly you need to understand why you want to get there. You need to know how it is going to feel and you need to be prepared to battle those excuses that will try and put you off.

It’s one of the reasons I get my clients to write down what they want their life to look like in 10 - 15 years. This time distance gives them the freedom to think and dream big but they need to be very detailed.

Inspiration Activity - "....in 10 years time"

You need to start getting clear on what a successful life looks like for you. So this activity gets you to start describing this. Take a pen and paper and describe in detail what your ideal “life” will be like in 10- 15 years time. Think about things like

  • What are you spending your time doing (try thinking of this in terms of a typical day/week/month)

  • Who are you spending it with

  • What does it feel like

  • What resources do you have at your disposal

  • What does your house look like

  • What are you wearing and eating

  • What do your business premises look like (if you have business premises!!)

  • Have any major events occurred between now and then – what are they

The more detailed you are able to make this the better for instance when describing your house think of colour, themes, are there smells from the garden etc. Just take a pen and paper and start with “In 10 years time I will……………………….”

This exercise is something you should work on over the week. Look for inspiration from pictures if you need. Add them in. For some you'll be able to get it onto one page, for others of you there may be 3-5 pages - let it be what it is. You’ll know when you get there as you will have something that energises you and makes you feel positive about the potential future. Have fun - it is what it is all about!

If you need any support with this exercise email me at nadine@meadowcourt.co.nz


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