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Get S.M.A.R.T

Creating a life that you actively participate and thrive in requires clarity, focus and action. In the process of creating this life you will, at times, need to consciously set goals to keep moving forward. Are you someone who has always sets goals, always achieved them and just know what to do? (you probably can skip this!) Or do you have a slight idea (or maybe no idea!) what you should be doing. If that's you, then this conversation is for you.

Setting goals takes some preparation and determination. The more you do it the easier it becomes

You can't expect to achieve goals if you have no idea where to begin. Great news this framework I'm about to take you through is super easy and once you've done it a couple of time it will feels less weird. I say this especially for those of you who hate writing things down and hate structure - try it, stay the course and it will feel natural and authentic in no time (and once you have it down pat you won't even have to write it down if you really don't want to - though I'm a write it down believer).

Goals need to be SMART - specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time based. Lets crack in.

The SPECIFIC - once you've chosen the goal get really clear on what it actually is. Running a marathon for instance is too vague - running the Queenstown marathon is an example of making it specific.

The MEASURABLE - running the marathon in Queenstown is measurable right? You either run it or you don't. But do you intend to run it in 12 hours? Probably not. The goal should be written down as running the Queenstown marathon in four hours. With this type of detail you know exactly what you need to do and you can measure it.

The ACHIEVABLE - if the marathon is next month and you can't run around the block today it would be fair to say this wouldn't be achievable. You are the one to make the call on this. Make sure here that the actions you need to take to reach the end goal are within your control and utilise the resources you have available to you.

The RELEVANT - this is one that I find has caught me out in the past. Setting goals like doing 50 push ups - if I'm honest I couldn't give a toss whether I can do it or not. Don't get me wrong I would love to be able to drop and do 50 but if my life was about to come to an end I can guarantee that doing push ups would not be anywhere near things I would be regretting not doing (full disclosure here I can't even do one proper press up!!!) Your goal needs to mean something to you. How are you going to feel when you achieve it? If what you are going to feel doesn't align with your values trying to keep focused on this goal is going to be super hard and more than likely it will fall away without having been reached. It needs to mean something to you - not to your loved ones, not to your work mates, not to the neighbour, not because everyone else is doing it - trust your values and keep things aligned.

The TIMEBOUND - so you are going to do the Queenstown marathon in four hours - this year, next year or in 2052? Set yourself a timeframe to achieve the goal.

So the SMART goal we've reached is Running Queenstown marathon in under four hours in 2020 - that's the detail you are looking for. It also means you can set yourself realistic milestones as you move towards the goal.

Milestones? Yes these are the small steps you will need to take to achieve your goal. They are also going to be the focus of our conversation next week. Until then take a look over your vision and choose a goal using the SMART framework that is going to move you closer to creating a life that you actively participate and thrive in.

If you need any support don't hesitate to reach out to me nadine@meadowcourt.co.nz or leave a message below to join the conversation.

Nadine xx


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