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Environmental Pillar - surround yourself with......

This is one of my favourite pillars due to its ability to make such a profound positive change in your life with minimal work and time. The Environmental Pillar relates to your surroundings - home, work, play. When this pillar is depleted you’ll find that you get agitated without really understanding why (until you learn to recognise the signs anyway!), you feel like something is a little bit off and more often than not you literally feel heavy, sluggish and lack the ability to really concentrate with clarity.

Our environment effects us in ways that we can sometimes be oblivious too. A cold, damp house is a clear example of where our environment isn’t right for us to thrive. So too is a cluttered work place, or being surrounded by a colour that doesn’t put you in the right head space for the work/play/relaxation you undertake in that area.

Imagine yourself undertaking an activity you enjoy. Picture the surroundings you are in - are they light and airy, dark and moody, open and spacious, small and cosy. Now try and imagine the right temperature for you, fresh with a slight chill, warm and sweat inducing. What smells are there - florals, sea breeze, forest fresh.

There is no right or wrong answer here. We are all unique and so are our needs when it comes to the kind of environment we need to thrive to some extent. There are some well researched findings that you might want to bear in mind when you start creating your environment to thrive. Psychology Today ran an article a few years back that delves deeper into the effect clutter has on us which you can find here.

Bright light is needed to kick start brain and body in morning - while melatonin - vital to help us sleep only starts getting produced once the lights start to dim. There is some resource around the effects of colours that can be found here too

When we start to recognise that an environment isn’t helping us thrive we often notice more than just one area. So start with just one. For me it was my wardrobe - for you it may be your work space, that second draw in the kitchen, a lounge, a garden.

This Weeks Challenge

This week lets try and do something to make one of the environments we occupy help us thrive. Our work environment can be a harder place to control - especially if you are the employee - but you can still make some changes to help you work and thrive.

  • Add a pot plant, clear your desk, get rid of files and folders that you never use (if you think they will be helpful “one day” put them away in a cupboard out of sight).

  • Continuing with work - who groans at the thought of opening up their emails due to the mess. Get yourself organised - create files and get everything out of the inbox. I have a rule that if it can be done in two minutes I attend to the email immediate.y. Nothing stays in there with an action on me for longer than 48 hours - set the rule and stick to it.

  • At home do you keep everything shut up - even on clear blue sky and sunny days? Get fresh air in - wipe down windows if they have condensation, open windows and doors and notice just how fresh and better everything feels.

  • Have things that bring you joy - get rid of the things that don’t

  • Pick some wild flowers (or buy yourself a bunch)

If you have any others ideas for creating an environment that you can thrive in let me know in the comments below - what’s worked for you?


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