• Nadine

Dear Santa.......my gift to you

Seven more weeks and we'll be waking up to see what Santa has delivered to us this year. For each of you I'm hoping its the satisfaction of having achieved that one thing that you have been working towards. That small step (or maybe large) to creating a life that you actively participate and thrive in.

Your gift this year is the tools and behaviours to create a life you actively participate and thrive in

These last few weeks our conversations have been around having a vision for the life you want to create, getting clear on your values, learning how to create a SMART goal, creating options to achieve the goal and excuse busting. I'm hoping that you have been able to take these conversations and start applying them to your unique life in your own unique way. I also know that for some of you even taking one step is all too much. So this week we focus on fun.

Sit up at night and stare towards the stars and you realise just how insignificant each of us are in the context of time and life. We have so few beautiful years alive on this wondrous planet with amazing people and experiences, we need to ensure that fun plays a part. Fun can be a walk in nature collecting wild flowers, for others its going to be hurtling yourself downhill at warp speed on a bike. To have fun you need to know what it means for you. For me fun is wandering and taking photographs, its writing, it's time spent with my family, its baking delicious treats, making homemade soap and knitting. Its learning something new and random. It's time spent around people who inspire you. It's giving my time to help others (even better when it's a random act of kindness).

I'm bringing your focus back to fun this week as achieving goals can sometimes feel like anything but fun, especially when excuses try and detour you or you don't feel you are making the progress you should have by now. It's exactly at this point you need to ensure fun is part of your plan. Rather than continuing to try and plough through, take some time and just have fun - Julia Cameron in her book The Artists Way (really recommend this for anyone and everyone) suggests that each week you should take yourself on an artists date. This concept can feel a bit weird but it works. Book in some time for you to do fun. The space and the joy this will spark will almost always bring a new solution to existing problems and also give you a burst of extra energy. And even if it doesn't what's the worst that has happened - you've had some fun!

Also take some time this week to remind yourself of the life you are trying to create for yourself. A life that is unique to you. A life where you have defined what success is (and not some glossy mag, instagram account or well intended friend). Take a look back over your vision. You've already brought a part of that vision into the now (or if you haven't check out this conversation). This week do it again. Maybe it's something tangible to get. Maybe it's a behaviour, or a smell, or an experience. Whatever it is give yourself the gift of doing it this week.

And this week there is a two for one. This week I also challenge you to complete a random act of kindness. Shout the next person's coffee, mow a neighbours lawn, provide baking to a volunteer organisation, leave $20 in an envelope in a random place with the words "I've left this for you kind stranger to brighten your day" . Compliment a stranger on a beautiful smile/shoes/hairstyle/dance move! Just something small, without recognition.

Life is beautiful. You are capable of doing better everyday. Keep creating a life that you actively participate and thrive in. And if you need reminding of this, or want some support get in touch at nadine@meadowcourt.co.nz

Nadine xx


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