Creating Options

Once you know what your goal is, you're clear on why you want to do it and what you are going to feel once its achieved its time to work out how to actually do it.

I find one of the most fun, yet challenging aspects to goal setting is working out the how. Sometimes it's obvious and all you need to do is JFDI! Other times, however, the how either seems to be a complete mystery or there are just too many options. Both scenarios can cause us to freeze and fail to take any action, leaving the goal in nowhere land.

Here's three tricks that you could try if you are having problems trying to figure out how you are going to achieve that goal. Like the goal itself, your option needs to be clear enough that you can hold yourself accountable. Yep - there's that reminder that it's all up to you. That my friends is the one constant through all things so pull up your big person pants and create that life you actively participate and thrive in. Good news is you've got this!

Who wants to eat out?

The trick with this method is all about creating lots of options and writing them down - think of it as if you are creating a menu. All good menus have a variety of dishes and so too do you need to ensure you have a variety of options. I recommend you come up with at least five very different options (starters main desserts - you get the idea). Don't limit yourself to what you would feel comfortable with, what resources you currently have or what you think "should or would" be done by others. The point of this is to get your brain thinking beyond its bubble of comfort.

Bring in the experts

This option creation method requires you to use your imagination. Think of people you look up to and if you could you would go to them for their advice about how to achieve the goal. These don't need to be people you can actually talk to - in fact its better if they aren't. Think of a panel of experts that you want to bring together to help you sort your how. Who are they are why are they on your panel? Picture them around a table with you. Picture what each of them is wearing and how each of them is sitting. Your goal is placed in the middle of the table. One by one go around the table and imagine what each person would tell you to do. Do their suggestions have any similarities? Where do they differ on what they would do? Can you mix and match to get an option you know fits you? Using our imagination can take a bit of effort to get into the right space - can you even remember the last time you were in the imagination zone? This can be really powerful with options of creating your how beyond anything you would have thought you could have created - give it a go.

Phone a friend

Again we need to put aside rigid adulting and allow our imagination to flow. Put a friend into your position. They are the ones that are wanting to achieve the goal and they are coming to you for help. What advice would you be giving to them? What excuses are they coming up with? How can you help them overcome the excuses?

All of these are just prompts to get the creativity flowing. Creativity can provide us with the most amazing solutions. Give yourself space for this. Trust yourself. Have fun.

If you aren't quite making progress get in touch with me at or join the community at our website.

Never stop creating a life that you actively participate and thrive in.

Nadine xx


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