• Nadine

Acknowledge yesterday so you can celebrate today

The season of over indulgence in food, drink, sun (for those of us lucky enough to live in the Southern Hemisphere) is in full swing. Marketing wizards are trying to tempt us with shit we don't need to fix problems we don't have. New years resolutions will start creeping to mind and previous posts have spoken about the need to be clear about where you are going to create a life that you actively participate and thrive in. (Can't remember or haven't read? - jump back in here).

So before 2019 ends, give yourself the gift of space and time to reflect on where you are at now? How strong are each of your eight pillars of wellness? Jump back into this article to refresh your thinking about the Pillars of Wellness and how understanding your needs will enable you to achieve what ever it is that you desire.

Think you are too busy to reflect? Ask yourself are you busy doing the right things or just things? What can you stop doing today to give you more space for the people and activities that you really want in your life. When someone asks how you're going, do you answer "oh I'm so busy it's been hectic" - everytime? How about if you had to replace the word busy with "Oh I'm spending most of my time on activities and with people that add no value to my life or the lives of those I love" would you wear that busy badge so proud? Just a thought.

Think about all the things you have achieved since the start of 2019. Have you moved towards your own successful life? I bet for each of you there is something that you can be super proud of that you never thought you could achieve or survive. You really are a unique and amazing person - let your awesomeness shine. I also know that there will be some of you that want nothing more than to put 2019 behind you. And that's ok too - create that virtual bonfire and place those burdens upon it and imagine them burning up to nothing but smoke. You now know better. You can now do better. You now have the choice.

I believe it really is the little things that make the biggest impact so as you go into the holiday season and new year think whether any of these would add value and help you create a life that you actively participate and thrive in.

Hydrate - 6 odd glasses of water a day does make a difference - more water less alcohol

Move - you need to get your heart rate up for at least 15 minutes a day

Sleep - this is so underrated - get regular bedtime and wake up time and notice the boost to energy levels

Journal - great to get perspective and keep yourself on track. First thing in the morning seems to be the most powerful

Declutter - surrounding yourself with shit makes you feel like shit

Nourish - the better the food quality, the better the variety, the better you will feel

Socialise - build strong trusting relationships - you don't have to have heaps its quality that is key here

Get Money Savvy - get control here, be proactive, develop an abundance mindset

Grow - learn a new subject, craft, language, sport, music, culture - keep building your brain

Don't over think

Have fun - actively bring joy into your life

Give - your time, donations, skills - generosity is the gift that gives twice!

Be Kind - we really don't know what others are going through

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season filled with love, laughter and lots of moments where beautiful memories are created. Until 2020 ...................

Nadine xx

PS - get in touch if you want some support to kick off 2020 and really create that life that you actively participate and thrive in.


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